2023 International Conference on Algorithms, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence(AHPCAI 2023)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


▪Analysis of algorithms

▪Approximation algorithm 

▪ Computability theory

▪ Evolutionary algorithm 

▪ Genetic algorithm

▪ Numerical analysis

▪ Online algorithm

▪ Quantum algorithm

▪ Randomized algorithm

▪ Sorting algorithm

▪Algorithmic graph theory and combination

▪Computational geometry

▪Computing technology and Application

Artificial Intelligence▪Natural language processing 

▪Knowledge expression

▪Intelligent search

▪Machine learning

▪Perception problems

▪pattern recognition

▪Soft computing in logic programming

▪Imprecise and uncertain management

▪Artificial life 

▪Neural network

▪Complex system

▪Genetic algorithm

▪Computer vision

▪Intelligent robot

▪Automatic programming

▪Application of artificial intelligence

▪Intelligent recognition

▪Intelligent control

▪Automatic planning

High Performance Computing▪Network computing technology

▪Development of high-performance computing software and tools

▪Computer system evaluation technology

▪Cloud computing system

▪Mobile computing system

▪Point to point calculation

▪Grid and cluster computing Web

▪Web services and Internet Computing 

▪Utility calculation

▪High performance science and Engineering Computing

▪Parallel and distributed system architecture

▪High performance computing languages and compilers

▪Parallel and distributed software technology

▪Parallel and distributed algorithms

▪Embedded system

▪Tools and environments for software development

▪Distributed system and Application

▪Database application and data mining

▪Biological / molecular computing

▪Collaboration and cooperation environment

▪Mobile computing and wireless communication

▪computer network

Image Processing▪Image Recognition

▪Image Detection Network

▪Robot Vision


▪Image Digitization

▪Image Enhancement and Restoration

▪Image Data Coding

▪Image Segmentation

▪Analog Image Processing 

▪Digital Image Processing

▪Image Description

▪Medical Image Processing

▪Digital Signal Processing

▪Image Transmission

▪Image Broadcasting

▪Video and Multimedia Systems

▪Image Transformation

▪Image Classification

▪Satellite Image Processing

▪Microscope Image Processing

▪Car Barrier Detection